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Why hire a professional for garage door repair services?

Why hire a professional for garage door repair services?
Jan, 28 2020

Why hire a professional for garage door repair services?

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Garage doorWhen you are hiring a contractor for any repair or installation job, you look for experience. And hiring one for garage door repair services is certainly no exception. Your garage door is not any simple door but a complex system of various big and small components that work in tandem to make sure the door is always functioning without any glitch. Sometimes, what may look like a small issue may turn into a something big and dangerous if not diagnosed or corrected well in time. That’s why you need to hire a professional for garage door repair services.

1. When a professional checks out your door, they spot and troubleshoot the issue immediately. While you may perform your own testing and inspections, but an expert is trained in identifying and fixing all kinds of small and complicated issues – whether it with the garage door springs, drums, rollers or tracks. Unidentified issues can lead to unexpected break-down of your garage door – resulting in nasty accidents. It can also lead to costly repairs and even full garage door replacement if the problem is not addressed on time and by a trained professional.

2. Professionals are certified and licensed, which means they have in-depth technical understanding of how all parts of garage doors work. They also understand the risks associated with faulty springs and rollers. They know what could go wrong during repair work and they take precautions to avoid accidents.

3. Hiring an expert professional would ensure that the job is performed safely using the right tools and safety protocols. Experts have access to the latest tools, and they are updated in latest technology to perform any kind of repair job on your faulty garage door system.

Premier Overhead of Tyler is your local Garage Door Repair company. If you are ever stuck with a garage door with faulty performance or looking to replace any part, call us today. We will send you a licensed garage door technician right away to assist you. Whether it is garage door springs, weather seals, rollers, drums or safety cables, our technicians can help you repair or replace any part of the garage door. Call us for affordable garage door installation, repair and maintenance services in Tyler today at (903) 532-0330.

How to Improve Garage Door Security
Jan, 18 2020

How to Improve Garage Door Security

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Garage Door SecurityYour garage is not just a place to store your vehicles and outdoor equipment. It is a part of your house and thus, the security concerns that you have with regard to your home must extend to your garage as well. A large number of burglaries and break-ins happen because the homeowners or residents forget this. The security of the garage door is as important as that of the front door of a residence since most of us use this as an entry point to the house. Here are some ways in which you can boost garage door security and not leave it vulnerable to break-ins.

• Do not compromise on the quality of your garage door as it is your home’s first line of defense against intruders. Get a sturdy, solid door fitted in consultation with qualified professionals who handle garage door installations.
• If you must have windows, have them at the top of the garage door as this can prevent a direct line of sight to where you might store essential and expensive equipment.
• Putting in a strong garage door with extra reinforcements such as an aluminum bottom rail for roller garage doors is one way of securing your space.
• Make sure to close your garage door every time you step out of the house and on your return home. Besides acting as an open invitation to any possible intruders, leaving the garage door open will afford a clear view of all valuables stored in
• You could use motion sensors to illuminate your garage in such a way that the light comes on when the door is opened. This can act as a deterrent to possible intruders and also come in handy when you are using the garage.
• If you have an automated garage door, ensure that you keep the remote in a safe place at all times. When keeping it in your car, the glove box would be the best place for it as this would keep the remote out of sight.
• When you have a key code security system for the garage, do not divulge the code to anyone. If you ever need to share it with someone, then make sure you change the codes immediately after.
• If you will be away on vacation or closing up the house for a while, make sure to put in a padlock apart from the usual security system that you use. A physical lock can prove a greater challenge to intruders and also increase the risk of being spotted by a neighbor or passerby thus, acting as a deterrent.

Being cautious is the first step to ensuring security and keeping these points in mind will help you do this effectively. A professional garage door company will be able to offer you the best solutions when it comes to garage door security. With a network of trained and certified technicians on hand, a competent organization with quick turnaround times is the way to go.

Damaged Garage Door Track?
Jan, 8 2020

Damaged Garage Door Track?

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Damaged Garage Door TrackWhile a garage door might seem like a simple thing, it is made up of an intricate system of components that help it move up and down smoothly and silently. Thus, the malfunctioning of a single part can cause lead your garage door to stop working the way it should. Sometimes, basic maintenance fixes can help restore your garage door’s efficiency. At other times, it might be necessary to repair or replace one or more of the components. This will depend on a lot of variables such as the type of garage door you have, the mechanism it uses, and the period of time it has been in use. One common problem that impedes the smooth operation of garage doors is a damaged garage door track. Checking the garage tracks from the outside will not give you any clue about their actual condition. However, an experienced garage door specialist will know what to look for and thus, easily identify the problem. Some ways they will do this is by:

• Checking the tracks for any accumulation of dirt and dust that can act as a barrier to the rollers moving smoothly on them.
• Visually comparing the tracks on either side of the garage door. By doing this, they will be able to identify unusual things such as one track being more loose than the other.
• Detailed inspection of the inside of the tracks. This way, the garage door expert will be able to pinpoint a bent track or a track that is out of place.
• Worn out tracks that can happen over a long period of regular use or lack of adequate maintenance.

Once the issue is identified, the technician will assess the extent of damage and determine the best solution for the issue. While a good cleaning and use of lubricant might be the solution for dirt and dust, other issues may require extensive repair. Problems with the spring system that causes the tracks to grate will need to be fixed promptly with a new spring to prevent irreparable damage to the tracks. Meanwhile, a minor bend in the track might be fixable but if there is significant damage, replacing the tracks is the only option. Similarly, replacing with a new set of tracks is the only option when problems arise because of worn out tracks.

If you have a damaged garage door track, then Premier Overhead of Tyler can help you. With our extensive network of trained technicians available to identify and remedy every garage door problem, you can be assured of complete peace of mind. From garage door inspections to repair and replacement, our qualified professionals will help ensure that your garage door is back to its smooth functioning at the earliest. Given our fast response times and streamlined services, we are sure to be your top choice when it comes to garage door services. Having your garage doors serviced periodically by qualified specialists such as ourselves is a good way of extending their life significantly by nipping problems in the bud.

Garage Door Drum Repair Services
Jan, 1 2020

Garage Door Drum Repair Services

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Garage door drums repairA garage door has an important role to play in every household. It is opened and closed every time you or a family member takes out your vehicle. This means that the garage door sees a lot of use and thus, is also prone to more wear and tear than anything else in your home. Your garage door system is a complex mechanism made up of a lot of different components working together as a whole. Of these, garage door drums are crucial components that ensure you can easily lift and lower your garage door, even if it is a heavy one. Garage door drums are the circular rollers with grooves that are attached to the shaft of the torsion springs. These drums have the important responsibility of holding up the safety cables to facilitate their smooth winding and unwinding when the door is opened and closed. are your drums damaged? Do you need garage repair services in Tyler?

Garage Door Repair Services in Tyler

Damaged garage door drums can lead to friction that impedes the smooth upward and downward movement. Some common first signs of garage door drum problems might be a shaky or noisy door such as one that makes a grating noise every time. A garage door that goes up but does not come down is also indicative of issues with the door drums. Other, more obvious signs include cracks in the drums or visible warping on the surface. If you notice any of these signs, the first thing to do is call in an experienced garage professional to thoroughly inspect your garage door. Make sure that you do not tamper with your garage door system in any way as this can prove quite dangerous to you and your family members by causing accidents.

These drums are likely to gather dirt and dust over a period of time and this can gradually affect its proper functioning. Periodic inspections by a garage door professional and regular cleaning of the drums can help you extend the lifetime of your garage door significantly. In some instances, the garage door drums will have to be completely replaced with new ones. An expert technician will be able to provide exceptional garage door drum repair services and even help you replace if the damage is beyond repair.

Premier Overhead of Tyler is a reputed name in the business. With a number of qualified technicians available to address even the smallest of garage door problems, we can help you set things right. If your garage door drum is giving you problems, it is essential to get the problem looked at by a trained professional and set it right at the earliest. This is because the drums are connected to cables which in turn, are connected to tense springs that can lead to serious injury if they do not function smoothly and are instead released suddenly. Call us immediately if you suspect that there is a problem with your garage door drums. With our quick response times and efficient service, we are your best choice to have you getting in and out of your garage with ease again!

What to Do With A Noisy Garage Door?
Mar, 7 2019

What to Do With A Noisy Garage Door?

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noisy garage doorImagine waking up bright and early with the feeling of happiness and positivity all around the place. You get ready to kick start your day in a cheerful mood and are headed to your garage to get the car. That’s it! You’ve completely forgotten about the creaking noise of your garage door and are yet again about to encounter your noisy garage door.

Now, will your energy last after you’ve been haunted by the door rattling? Definitely not.

Fortunately, you can easily treat the noisy door and avoid this inconvenience and frustration.

Let’s have a closer look at the most efficient ways to fix the problem of a noisy garage door before it’s too late.

  1. Check the Lubricating layer

A garage door consists of multiple metal parts like the framework, fasteners, and sometimes gearboxes for opening and closing. All these parts are very rigid, and any unprotected contact between them leads to wear and hence the noises. So start with checking the layer of lube between these parts. If the coating is missing, use some garage door lubrication spray or oil to deal with it.

  1. Worn out Bearings

Bearing are responsible for the smooth motion of your garage door. But in doing so, they face a lot of force and pressure that leads to damages. If this is the reason for a noisy garage door, the best option is to replace the bearing. If possible, go for a nylon coated roller bearing. The nylon fiber makes it silent and a lot more resilient.

  1. Damaged fasteners

Nut, bolt, and screws are what keep your door parts intact. No wonder undergoes a lot of mechanical stress, which result in lose connection or worn out the shank. If this is the scenario tightening and replacing them will fix the problem of a noisy garage door. But be careful, they are responsible for holding the parts and mishandling them would mean immense damage possibilities.

  1. Damaged hinges

The hinged part of the garage door mostly faced limited motion, which means they can last for a prolonged period. But once worn, they make a very sloppy noise. There are also some other symbols like accumulations of grided metals and oblong holes. If you have any of those, replace the hinges without a second thought. And take professional help for it, because any mistake in this garage door repair will result in the collision of the door.

  1. Rubber padding for dampening vibrations

The bolts often get exposed to other metal surfaces which make them vulnerable to damages and hence noises. These frequent damages not only affect your investment but also risk the integrity of the garage door. Luckily, you can deal with the risk, using small rubber padding. Slipping a small piece of rubber into the gap between the actual hole and the fastener will eliminate the cavity as well as dampen the shocks.

A noisy garage door is not only annoying, but it is also very dangerous. It is a warning that something somewhere is not working correctly and reminds you to fix the problem before it leads to more significant damages, like the garage door falling on your vehicle.

So, whatever is the problem with your garage door, never ignore it. Need garage door services in Tyler? Call Premier Overhead of Tyler, your local and professional garage door repair company in Tyler. Our licensed and insured garage door technicians will investigate why your garage door is making these annoying creaking noises that is disturbing your family and neighbors alike and provide an appropriate solution. We have been providing garage door repair and installation services for years and have the technical skills and know-how to deal with any small or big problems with ease and accuracy. Call us at (903) 532-0330.

Why should you go for garage door opener replacement?
Feb, 19 2019

Why should you go for garage door opener replacement?

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garage door openerYour garage door opener makes your life really easy. But a malfunctioning opener can be dangerous, not only leading to inconvenience and but also increasing the risk of accident and injuries. Is your garage door opener working fine? Is it giving you functional issues? Here are some reasons why you may need garage door opener replacement.

  1. Increased security

Is your existing opener has rolling code or a fixed code? Thieves may have special equipment called code grabbing devices that can help these crooks to get access to you code used to operate your garage door. Remotes that have rolling code technology use different code each tome you push the button on your remote. This makes it virtually impossible for any machine to catch the varying codes, making your garage door safe against a break-in.

  1. Less noise during operation

Regular, old school openers are driven using a chain drive, which makes them louder. In addition, daily use and resulting wear and tear might worsen the noise that will not only disturb your family but your neighbors too. If you don’t look forward to this unnecessary sound every day, it is better to consider garage door opener replacement. Go for belt drive opener if you are looking for less noise during garage door opening or closing.

  1. Better, high tech features


The latest garage door openers are equipped with better, more advanced features. For example, latest openers allow for mobile connectivity, making it easier for you to operate your garage door from remote. In addition, latest openers may also offer the advantage of keypads. This prevents garage door lockout and also saves you from the worry of keeping or losing a key. You can open of close the door by simply punching in a code into the keypad.

Newer openers are also available with battery back-up, which is extremely useful during power outages.


  1. Additional safety features


If you have a really old garage door, chances are your garage door is not equipped with photoelectric sensors. These safety sensors, as the name suggests, can sense the presence of an object or a body that is in the way of your garage door, and make the garage door in the reverse direction if it detects something. These units are located on the either side of the garage door and are perfectly aligned to each other to do their job well. Photoelectric sensors are installed at a height of no more than six inches above the floor to ensure that kids and pets are also noticed if they are standing in the way and obstructing the garage door.

Sometimes your garage door may start to open but reverses even when there is nothing present in its way. It could be because of any leaf or debris across the threshold that is causing this issue.

Don’t allow kids to use opener remote and educate them how improper use of automatic opener can be detrimental to their safety. Have the access control panel installed at least five feet from the ground. This will refrain kids from using it. If your opener is damaged and need repair or replacement, make sure you have disengaged or detached the opener from the garage door to avoid any untoward incident.

Looking for garage door opener replacement? Look no further than Premier Overhead of Tyler. Our technicians are trained and skilled in garage door repair, garage door installation and replacement. For timely, affordable and high quality garage door services in Tyler, call us  at (903) 532-0330.


Call a professional for garage door installation
Jan, 19 2019

Call a professional for garage door installation

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garage door installationGarage doors are a very important, functional part of every home. But they also form a somewhat complex system, with a lot of parts. At such, it only makes sense to get any service and advice from a professional who is backed by skills and experience in garage door installation, repair and maintenance.

Garage doors that are not properly installed are likely to break down or present with unexpected breakdown or malfunctioning. Getting garage door installation from a reputed and experienced business will save you lot of stress and money down the line, not to mention prevent safety issues for your children, pets and self.

Why should you call a garage door professional?


Safety comes first before anything. For example, handling the coils of an extension spring can be very dangerous. The garage door has many parts that are heavy. They need to be inspected, and parts lubricated from time to time for smooth functioning. You may just casually overlook something you do not think is really important. You do not want to expose yourself to any risk. Injuries and damage to properties from different parts of the garage door have been recorded severally. You may think the dangers are overrated but do you want to test the waters with both feet?

Technical know-how

The years of experience that come with fixing garage doors is invaluable. A garage door has a lot of parts that need proper orientation. The openers, springs, panels, track, rollers, mounts, etc. of the garage door need to be connected properly for a perfect installation. Garage door professionals are fully qualified, and have all the required tools and expertise, needed to do a great job while also providing great customer service. You can be sure everything will be done according to the required specifications.


Many people do not joke with this. Who doesn’t want this 12-month window period? Garage doors normally come with a warranty, but the garage door must be installed by a professional for the warranty to be binding. If you tamper with the warranty by installing it yourself or attempting repairs, then you would have to bear any risk or cost that comes along with it. Hire a professional every time to ensure durability of your garage door.

Save time and money

Sounds obvious and logical. You cannot compare the efficiency of a professional to a handyperson. Since garage door professionals have all the resources at their disposal, it only makes sense that they will do a good job in no time. If while fixing or installing a new garage door yourself, you encounter some complications, what do you do? Trial-by-error? Doesn’t sound good. You would also save money by hiring a professional. You do not want to buy any parts for retail price. Also, if anything goes wrong while you are fixing the garage door yourself, it incurs additional costs for you.

Get the right service you need for your garage door. Call Premier Overhead of Tyler at (903) 532-0330 for all your residential and commercial garage door installation and repair requirements. We are the right business to call. Our insured and licensed technicians will make sure your door is installed safely and as per the right specifications. This will make sure your garage door remains functional for years to come without any need for frequent repairs.